Estonian Rescue Board Has Launched a Nationwide Campaign ‘In a Crisis, Listen to the State’

The Estonian Rescue Board has launched a nationwide risk communication campaign to inform residents about the various channels used by the state during crises. These include EE-ALARM text messages, sirens, and radio broadcasts.

The campaign aims to educate the public on how to access vital information during emergencies and what actions to take upon receiving a warning. Essential sources of information during a crisis are the website, the 1247 state helpline, FM-radio, EE-ALARM text messages, and sirens. The campaign will run until the second half of May and highlights the key topics from the risk communication manual, which the Rescue Board is distributing to all Estonian homes. In May and June, nearly 600,000 households will receive a risk communication booklet, detailing steps to take during natural disasters, power outages, and potential military threats. This booklet will also be available for download on the website.

Janika Usin, Head of the Prevention Department at the Rescue Board, emphasized the importance of preparedness: "Our studies indicate a need for improved crisis readiness. Every resident should know how to respond to sirens and emergency texts and understand their personal responsibility in ensuring their own and their family's safety. We recommend maintaining at least a week’s supply of essentials like food, water, and medicine."

The Estonian Rescue Board is in charge of civil protection and is responsible for sheltering, large-scale evacuation, threat notifications and ensuring the safety and crisis preparedness of local communities.